It is a Long gun barrel that can be used over 30,000 times. That is over 30,000 sparks
New design, Magic Cool l Shaped
Made with steel
Pulse piezo igniter, no batteries, no flints, no fuses ,can use about over 30000 times.
Electronic Spark lights gas burners instantly just pull the Trigger with finger. The long shape makes it easy to use to light your oven and grill which are embedded inside the cooker (i.e. Which are not easily reachable)
Easy to operate, especially suitable for the old
Match Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG),
Great use for handyman and tradesman, good helper for the cooking, kitchen

Regular liquid gas lighters last for only 3 weeks or less whereas this spak lighter lasts for over 30 months depending on how often you light your burners.

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